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Consolidación del orden colonial
(Consolidation of the Colonial Order)

Alfredo Castillero Calvo (Panama)

Allan Kuethe (United States of America)

Volume 3 of the UNESCO General History of Latin America covers the two centuries following the establishment of Spanish and Portuguese dominion in America. It was during this period that the dominant forms of Latin American civilization assumed their essential characteristics. Thirty-six leading specialists from Brazil,  Spanish-speaking America, the United States and Western Europe have contributed to this work.

The organizational challenge, the consolidation of economic structures and of the social order, the domination of distance, the place of the Church, the rise of the military, the exercise of social, economic and political power, the shaping of colonial ideology and the changing character of urban and rural life are all dealt with at some length. In addressing these themes, the experts were drawn not only from academia, but also from different walks of daily life and culture.

This massive undertaking, while authoritatively crafted, is aimed at the informed public. Its rich commentary on the complexities and essential characteristics of colonial life, whether ranging from overland and maritime communications to architectural forms or from royal administration to manufacturing and mining, brings the reality of colonial Latin America into focus as never before.

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